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Schwarze-Robitec CNC_220_HD

Schwarze-Robitec at SMM 2016 – Efficiency in ship building

For cruise ships, freighters or yachts to be able to travel long distances in the open sea, complex supply systems on board are necessary. For the supply of oil and gas, many kilometers of pipelines are installed above and below deck. To optimize the limited space available inside the ship, the bending radii of the pipes must be kept very tight. Therefore, shipbuilders require systems that enable the production of pipes with very small bending radii. To meet this demand, Schwarze-Robitec developed the pipe cold bending machine CNC 220. As a component of their Heavy Duty production line, the company offers its customers from the shipbuilding and offshore industry maximum flexibility.

In a single ship, many different types of pipes with variable diameters and made of a diverse number of materials are processed. For this reason, bending machines for the shipbuilding industry must be very flexible in order to manufacture various pipe bends in short succession. For this special demand, Schwarze-Robitec offers the pipe cold bending machine CNC 220 HD. This heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic machine weighs approx. 27.5 tons and can process, for example, pipes made of steel, seawater-resistant copper-nickel alloy, or stainless steel with a maximum diameter of 4.7 inches and maximum wall strength of 0.8 inches. “The optional use of multi-bending tools for a variety of nominal diameters can save up to 70% of the set-up time when compared with conventional systems”, explains Heike Ahlers, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Schwarze-Robitec. “Short setup times minimize downtimes, guarantee high utilization of the machine and more flexible production – in real terms, our customers save time and money”.

This year alone, Schwarze-Robitec has already delivered 40 CNC HD machines – including five CNC HD machines with a maximum pipe diameter of 8.6 inches to customers from the shipbuilding industry and plant engineering. Schwarze-Robitec offers his customers bending solutions up to a maximum pipe diameter of 24.4 inches.

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