Our service team supports you with expertise and skill

To us, service means doing everything we can to support our customers’ success. That is why customer proximity is so important to us. Wherever you are in the world, our experienced service team can support you in the early diagnosis and prevention of faults. We offer various solutions designed to protect the value of your machine in the long term, even if it was bought 30 years ago or more.


We provide support, no ifs or buts

If you need support, please contact our experienced service experts via our service hotline. In many cases, problems can be diagnosed and resolved remotely and your machine can be quickly returned to operation.

It goes without saying that we also provide on-site service worldwide. Our specialists not only perform repairs and maintenance but also use their expertise to support you in inspecting and assessing your machines and to advise on optimisation potential based on control system modifications or software updates.

  • Direct service from experienced experts
  • Free initial support via our service hotline
  • Optional remote error analysis and resolution
  • Worldwide repair service
  • Long-term spare parts availability
  • Custom manufacture of individual components without delay


Our after-sales service – fast and reliable

We are by your side even after commissioning your machine – worldwide, wherever and whenever you need us. If necessary, we will support you for the entire life cycle of your machine and help you to ensure the smooth running of your production operations.

  • Support throughout the entire life cycle of your machine
  • Regular inspections to determine optimisation potential
  • Optimisation of your systems to reflect changed requirements and new technologies
  • Quick supply of spare parts worldwide
  • Rapid reaction times for maintenance and servicing
  • Machine inspections and assessments
  • Rebuilding and control system modifications
  • High-performance software updates

We make sure that your machine runs reliably and efficiently for many years. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and international industry expertise, we are your strong partner on all aspects of tube bending technology.

If you would like further information about our services or you have questions about our products, please contact us without obligation.


The world’s leading expert in tube bending machines

We are a world-leading company with decades of experience in developing and producing high-quality tube bending machines. From machines for custom manufacture and small batches and tube bending machines for large-scale production to special units for highly complex tube geometries – we have the right solution for every tube diameter, application and industry. Whether you are looking for a hydraulic, (part-)electric or hybrid drive, a smart EcoLine package or a combination with one of our modular equipment options, our portfolio includes the right solution for your specific needs.

See for yourself or contact us directly for an individual consultation.