We are at home in the world of manufacturing

Tube bending machines are found in almost every area of manufacturing and production. Pipelines, exhaust systems, furniture and hydraulic components – our bending solutions are used successfully everywhere.

Our decades of collaboration with our customers mean that we know their needs exactly. As a leading innovator, we are setting new standards for tube processing in the future. Our machines give you many years of effective, reliable and resource-friendly production. As an experienced partner to manufacturing and production, we can customise machines to ensure your long-term success.

Our tube bending machines

We develop and manufacture tube bending machines, booster bending machines, fully equipped automatic tube bending production lines, bending tools, perforating machines, measuring systems and special machine solutions.


Flexible high performance for series and large-scale production

All our machines are tailored to our customers’ needs. You need a tube bending machine for particularly strong calibers? In single-item or series production? Maybe even for large-scale production? Do you need a high output with always the same bending radii? Or does your product require changing radii? We will develop the bending solution you need, including support, accessories and worldwide service.