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Schwarze-Robitec CNC 80 HD

Use of the CNC 80 HD for cold bending under heavy load

Schwarze-Robitec delivers second tube and pipe bending machine to Framo

Solid as a rock – the CNC tube and pipe bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec have long since proven themselves in shipbuilding and the offshore industry. Therefore, after successfully using a CNC 220 HD since a few years, the Norwegian company Framo has now once again opted for a tube and pipe bending machine from the Heavy Duty series. The CNC 80 HD processes tubes and pipes of various geometries for Framo’s piping systems with precision and speed. It is reliable, robust and enables efficient production of precisely fitting tubes and pipes.

Many kilometers of tubes, pipes and complex systems – Framo offers numerous solutions for demanding pumping operations on ships and offshore installations. The company is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, and supplies customers all over the world. The high demands of the market leader for cargo pumping systems on tube and pipe bending machines for the production of complex tubes and pipes have been met by the CNC 220 HD from Schwarze-Robitec since 2019. The powerful machine bends tubes and pipes of different materials up to high-strength duplex steel with dimensions of 208 x 4 mm and 168 x 14 mm.

Additional machine from the Heavy Duty series in use

In order to also process tubes and pipes of a smaller diameter cost-efficiently and to be able to produce complex geometries in only one work step, Framo recently decided to purchase another CNC-controlled tube and pipe cold bending machine of the Heavy Duty series from Schwarze-Robitec. Like its sister machine, the single-stack CNC 80 HD is designed for continuous use under heavy loads. It bends tubes and pipes up to a diameter of 89 mm with a maximum wall thickness of 7.6 mm. In addition to smooth stainless-steel pipes, even high-strength duplex steel with dimensions of 65 x 5 mm can be processed. Both the CNC 220 HD and the CNC 80 HD have an integrated flange pipe device. This eliminates the need for subsequent flanging of pipes. As a result, costs are reduced in the process and productivity is increased.

Special procedure for calculating saw length

Even before the bending process begins, Schwarze-Robitec uses special software to determine the perfect saw length. Certain factors, information on the material and empirical values are included in the calculation. The specification of the ideal saw length eliminates the need for subsequent reworking and corrective work steps. After the bending process, the tube or pipe is immediately ready for installation and can be implemented in existing systems. This significantly shortens production times and reduces material costs. Framo also benefits from other advantages of the tube and pipe bending machine. Not only tools from Schwarze-Robitec can be used for the bending process, but also pre-existing tools. Thus, the CNC 80 HD enables Framo to use new and already existing tools – a considerable economic plus point.

Conclusion: Schwarze-Robitec has supplied two customized tube and pipe bending machines to Framo and optimally implemented the individual customer requirements. The pump specialist benefits from the high repeatability and precision of the extremely robust CNC-controlled tube and pipe bending machines of the Heavy Duty series. Schwarze-Robitec thus covers the complete range of tubes and pipes with different diameters required by Framo for the production of piping systems in various applications.

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