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Thin-walled tubes in lightweight construction

The subject of lightweight construction remains right at the top of the agenda of the automobile and aviation industries. Thin-walled tubes offer several advantages here, because on the one hand their low eight has a positive effect on fuel consumption of automobiles and aeroplanes. On the other hand they reach the operating temperature, which is required for the catalytic conversion process of the exhaust gases, faster, which in turn leads to improved CO2 values. During the forming process they are, however, very demanding and prone to cracking. Especially for bending these tubes the tube bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec has optimized the transport boost of its CNC machines and adapted the bending tools.

Equipped with a vertically traveling pressure die assembly, the bending forces of the CNC machines from Schwarze-Robitec are exercised precisely on the thin-walled tubes. Due to the better adjustability of the forces the machines achieve, even with thin-walled tubes made of titanium, aluminum, copper or stainless steels such as No. 1.4509 or 1.4512, the most precise bending is the result. While the usual tubes, for example, have a wall thickness of 60 x 1 millimeters, the thin-walled tubes only have 60 x 0.6 millimeters. The tube bending specialist has fine-tuned his computer controlled bending machines especially to these properties. If flexible radii and efficient production of complex bent tubes are needed in one operation, the machines with multi-radius technology (MR) and with two bending heads (Twin) are the suitable choice. All machines can be integrated in existing bending cells and are fitted with our new control, which takes care of quick production.

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