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Schwarze-Robitec Celebrates its 120th Anniversary

A historic Milestone for Schwarze-Robitec: The world-leading tube bending specialist can look back on 120 years of expertise in mechanical engineering this year. The company provides customized and high-performance tube bending solutions, ranging from individual machines to fully automated bending cells.

Founded in 1903 as “Gebrüder Schwarze” (Schwarze Brothers), Schwarze-Robitec has specialized in tube bending for more than nine decades. The company has been headquartered in Cologne from the very beginning and today presents itself as a technology partner for first-class tube bending solutions. All bending machines are always tailored to individual requirements and are manufactured in Germany.

Extensive Portfolio

The product portfolio of the tube bending specialist reflects the diversity of industries it serves from the “High Performance” series for the automotive and aerospace industries to the “Heavy Duty” machines for plant construction, shipbuilding, and the offshore industry, to the “Boiler & Power” series for the power plant industry. Throughout its history, Schwarze-Robitec has repeatedly introduced ground-breaking innovations.

In 1976, the world’s first CNC tube bending machine was presented, followed by the first multi-radius bending machine in 1988. Full-electric machines were introduced at the turn of the millennium, and in 2018 Schwarze-Robitec could offer the world’s largest full-electric multiple-radius tube bending machine. The “Made in Germany” principle remains a central part of the company’s philosophy, ensuring the highest standards. This also applies to the North American service and sales team, which began operations in the USA in 2015.

Into the Future with Innovative Bending Solutions

Since 2020, Schwarze-Robitec has expanded its expertise into the rapidly growing sector of electromobility. Here, precision manufacturing is crucial: the busbars required for e-mobility must be bent considering individual geometries without damaging the insulation. The demand for fully automated bending processes is also continuously rising. This involves integrating numerous upstream and downstream processes, such as assembly, end forming, and measuring, into the tube bending cell. Incorporating additional systems for tube feeding and/or robots is also among the specific requirements for fully automatic tube processing. No challenge is too great for a company like Schwarze-Robitec, which has always offered advanced technologies that emphasize its commitment to innovation and meeting new industrial requirements. The company’s success is significantly shaped by a dedicated team of around 100 machine enthusiasts and service-oriented employees. With an impressive legacy and a clear vision for the future, Schwarze-Robitec continues its path as an innovator and market leader in the tube bending industry, well-prepared for the challenges of a constantly evolving industrial landscape.

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