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Standardised machine concept

What users want – Schwarze-Robitec’s new EcoLine

Schwarze-Robitec’s new EcoLine series of tube bending machines for small- and medium-scale series production is focused on the most important functions. It offers precisely what many users typically look for in a tube bending machine – no more, and no less. The EcoLine series is also a highly competitive solution built on “made in Germany” quality.

Different industries have completely different production requirements – sometimes precision is the main priority, and other times its turnover times that matter most. That’s why no two tube bending tasks are the same, with bending machine manufacturers therefore focusing on highly specialised and customised machines. Schwarze-Robitec is no exception. But the German specialist has been listening very closely to what the users of its machines have been saying over the past few decades – and presented an entirely new concept with its new EcoLine series to the US-American audience.

Tried-and-tested functions for fundamental bending processes

The EcoLine series excels when it comes to fundamental bending processes. Various models are available, ranging from the CNC 40 EcoLine, CNC 60 and CNC 90 variants for tube lengths of 3 or 6 metres, respectively, to the CNC 140 EcoLine model for tubes measuring 6 metres in length. The smallest machine can process tube diameters of up to 42.2 millimetres, and the largest model can handle tubes with a diameter of up to 141.3 millimetres. All of the models are right-hand, single-stack electric machines.

Clever and cost-effective standard

Apart from a few optional extras, the EcoLine series’ feature set focuses on the most important, tried-and-tested functions. That makes the series a particularly appealing proposition in terms of price. And on top of that, it ensures simple operation and easy tool changing – characteristics that are hallmarks of Schwarze-Robitec products. The EcoLine series features the new CNC eco control system, CE safety equipment, a controlled pressure die boost and a wiper die holder as standard. “Our experience over the years has led to us developing a focused, entry-level series. The EcoLine series provides customers with a clever, highly functional standard that offers maximum cost-effectiveness,” explains Bert Zorn, Managing Director of Schwarze-Robitec.

In Europe, the machine concept had already impressed visitors of the Tube trade fair as a good addition to the company’s existing portfolio. Schwarze-Robitec also offers tube bending technology that is geared towards complex bending tasks, with the company able to provide in-depth advice on its High Performance, Heavy Duty and Boiler & Power series of machines.

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