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Schwarze-Robitec: Tube Bending Specialist Expands Management Team

Heading into the future with a dual leadership approach, tube bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec is now operating with two managing directors. Philipp Knobloch, long-time employee and most recently Global Sales Director, and Bert Zorn, previously the sole Managing Director, will jointly manage the fortunes of the Cologne-based mechanical engineering company in future.

From “heavy-duty” machines for the shipbuilding and offshore industries to tube bending machines for aerospace and the automotive sector, Cologne-based tube bending specialist Schwarze-Robitec covers an extensive range of tube bending technology for various industries. The internationally operating company combines the high-quality demands of its customers with constantly increasing requirements in a complex environment by combining state-of-the-art tube bending technology with individual configuration options. In order to be able to reliably meet the various customer requirements in the long term, the expert for high-performance bending solutions is now strengthening its management team with Philipp Knobloch.

A Strong Duo at the Top

Philipp Knobloch has been with the company since 2014 and was responsible for national and international sales as Sales Manager for many years. In 2021, he took over the operational business of Schwarze-Robitec as Global Sales Director. Rising to the leadership of the internationally operating specialist in cold bending machines, he has clear goals: “The trends towards the automation of all processes in the industry bring about numerous changes in our customer markets. For me, this presents an exciting challenge, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my ideas and develop solution concepts together with my team. After all, each customer has different requirements for their tube bending solution.” Bert Zorn, longstanding managing director of Schwarze-Robitec, adds, “Expanding the management with Philipp Knobloch was the next logical step for me. In addition to his professional expertise, I value our longstanding collaboration on a trusting basis. Together, we form a synergy that optimally positions our company for the future.”

The aim of the strategic change in management is to be even closer to the customer and to offer tailored, customized solutions. With Bert Zorn’s extensive, cross-industry experience and Philipp Knobloch’s sales know-how, the strong duo is confident in their ability to meet the upcoming challenges of the target industries.

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