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Fabtech 2019 CNC 25 E TB MR

Metalworking trade fair Fabtech 2019

Schwarze-Robitec presents highly efficient tube bending solutions

Schwarze-Robitec machines unite all the aspects required for efficient tube bending, as the company will demonstrate at this year’s Fabtech in Chicago. With the new CNC 25 E TB MR machine for small tube diameters and the larger CNC 80 E TB MR machine, which offers all conceivable technical refinements and features, the Germany-based tube bending expert will be showcasing its products at the metalworking industry’s most important event of the year from November 11th to 14th.

Schwarze-Robitec has developed a fully electric tube bending machine in a new dimension, the CNC 25 E TB MR, which is capable of also bending tubes with diameters as small as 25mm particularly quickly thanks to its intelligent NxG control system. For each bending sequence, the system automatically checks the interaction between all axes, operates them simultaneously and prepares the next sequences. This reduces production time by 20 to 40 percent depending on the component and the desired tube geometry – the more complex the sequence, the more time saved. The machine is available in both left/right bending versions as well as in a rotary variant, with the bending head capable of bending 180 degrees. In addition, thanks to intelligent scanners and a slim machine bonnet, the CNC 25 E TB MR can be operated without any additional safety fences. The machine also features a particularly space-saving design with its electrical technology integrated in the machine body. It can be easily moved around the production area if necessary.

Technical details enable highly efficient tube bending

Schwarze-Robitec will also present its CNC 80 E TB MR at Fabtech, using the fully electric multi-radius tube bending machine to demonstrate the company’s widespread expertise in the field of tube bending. This larger machine is also capable of extremely short turnover times thanks to its NxG control system. The Quick-Tool-Unlock system additionally ensures faster set-up times, increased repeatability and enhanced process security, since opening and closing the tension bars with a consistent tightness only takes roughly 20 percent of its original duration. Furthermore, the machine performs bending and final cutting of the tube components in one single process step thanks to a tube cutter integrated in the bending tool. The result is a cleaner cut edge, an up to 90 percent reduction in material waste and even shorter turnover times. As with the CNC 25 E TB MR, the CNC 80 E TB MR also has a freely stored bend former. The bending table and bend former can be operated independently of each other, which gives the user considerably more freedom in the entire bending process.

All these sophisticated features and technical details help to ensure that tube bending is a smooth and efficient production process for industries with high requirements, such as the automotive industry. Visitors at the Fabtech trade fair will get to see the full picture at Schwarze-Robitec’s exhibition booth (D 46541). An additional highlight at the booth will be the measuring system of the company’s partner, Aicon.

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