Tube Bending Machines

SR DB - bending without mandrel for small lot sizes

The SR DB tube bending machines combine the benefits of the SR series with the possibilities of the mandrelless bending and are suitable for single pieces and small lot sizes.

With mandrelless tube bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec smallest wall reducing can be reached. Especially for thick-walled tubes and small bending radii smaller than the tube diameter, our machines can show their quality.

Based on these specifications the SR DB tube bending machines are suitable for high pressure tubes as they are used in power plants.

Product Max. Output at 450 N/mm2 Max. Output at 750 N/mm2 Max. Modulus in cm3
SR 60 DB - 63,5 x 5,0 12,5
SR 80 DB - 88,9 x 8,0 37,8
SR 100 DB - 114,3 x 7,1 60,4

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