Maintenance - durable efficient

Schwarze Robitec absorb the maintenance of your tube bending machine.

Especially with larger lot sizes and bending machines, which are involved in production chians is the lowest possible downtime of each machine important. Through trained personnel the duartion of the machine can be extended, the machine avilability can be increased also the use of the machine and operating procedure can be optimized.

Our staff has decades of experience in tube bending technology especially with the tube bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec. Thus we have the best solution competence in the branch.

From the supply of spare parts to advisory and training for your maintenance team up to complete maintenance by Schwarze-Robitec we can react flexibly to your requirements.

Spare Parts Supply

Schwarze-Robitec offers a high avaiability of spare parts over the whole lifetime of our machines. Some of our machines are over 30 years in 3-shift operation activated.


To ensure availability of your machines, we recommend a regular review of the machine by the service of Schwarze-Robitec.


Even if the machines of Schwarze-Robitec has the largest durability and the largest economic life-time, it is possible that there is a need of repair after the inspection or a failure.


The update potential of a machine results partly from the developement of new techniques and components, espesially in control engineering, but also by new condition as a change in engine integration in the manufacturing process.