Company Profile

The family business ...

Foto: Schwarze-Robitec – old aerial photo

... is established in 1903 as a model building company. In addition to the joinery the company was also in the saw mill, the planing mill and the timber trade active.

After the construction of new factories the production extended through apparatus and steel construction, as well as the first start in the mechanical engineering.

In 1953 taking over the production of tube cold bending machine by purchasing the company through Peter Wirtz. The experience that the company Peter Wirtz collected since 1930 was thus used to extend the product range. On the basis of a solid development of the know-how and technology the production of cold tube bending machines has increased tremendously since 1960.

Due to the rapid technological development it was possible for Schwarze-Wirtz  to produce automatic machines with numerical control already from 1965. Customers interest in these products and the economic significance due to the sale of that equipment for Schwarze-Wirtz allowed the company to stop the production of certain wood, instruments and steel construction.


Foto: Machine Hall Schwarze-Wirtz

The satisfaction of our employees has always been important for us. Therefore in this time of growth we established new production halls and social institutions to provide staff with safe and modern jobs.

The next years were also marked by technological progress and rapid growth:
From 1970 we designed and built our own numerical control systems.
Also the construction of tube cold bending machines which are among the largest in the world could be taken forward. They are able to bend max Ø 355 x 35 mm and have in addition tupe positioning devices, numerical control and also an automatic tube loading system.
From 1975, fully automatic tube bending machines were developed and manufactured mainly for the automobile, boiler and shipbuilding industries.


Foto: Fully automatic tube bending machine

In 1978 the first own computer control (CNC) was introduced.
Early 1980, fully automatic CNC tube cold bending machines with magazine and unloader or robots were delivered  to mainly well-known companies in the automobile industry.
In 1985, the world's largest fully automatic 12" tube cold bending machine has been delivered to a North American shipyard.

Foto: Automatic, elektro-hydraulic tube cold bending machine

From 1988, Schwarze-Wirtz built CNC tube cold bending machines with multi radii technique to produce the most difficult tube systems.
In 1994 the first time a cold tube bending machine with transport boost system has been delivered.
In 1996 the first own CNC control was introduced on a PC basis.
In 1996, the merger with SCHWARZE-ROBITEC.
In 2000 Schwarze-Robitec received the largest single order in company history for the construction of several fully automatic systems for the currently world's largest hydroforming line in North America.

More than 2300 CNC bending machines have been delivered since 1978. The first built CNC 60 is still in a German company in use. In addition, there remains the development and construction of semi-automatic bending machine and the production of special bending equipment and complete system solutions.

120 employees manufacture on about 12,000 square meters of production space cold tube bending machines for different applications.

Proudly Schwarze-Robitec can say in this day and age, that it is one of the leading companies for production and development of CNC tube bending machines and bending methods in the world.

The solutions, complex and economically developed in close cooperation with the customers find use in automobile, shipyard, boiler and aviation industries.

Worldwide service guarantees optimal use of the machines in three shift operation.